Jan 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Even as we get used to a new routine with Evan, we're wishing our little Joshua a happy second birthday today!

When Lisa was pregnant with Joshua, I remember feeling uncertain but not scared about pending fatherhood. I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with the little guy. But I was downright shocked by how natural it felt to be a dad.

They say kids don't come with owner's manuals. I've never felt I needed one. With a few exceptions, he's been an easy going kid. Parentood has come relatively naturally. Still, I hope he doesn't confuse my easy-going nature as confidence.

On Joshua's second birthday, I've been reflecting on our time with him to date. He's such a bright, vibrant little boy. What's a father supposed to say, right? He's really much more than I ever expected and anticipated. It's fun to watch him learn and try to figure out how things work; to see a sense of humor develop; to watch him engage his world.

Quite simply, I'm amazed. And proud.

Happy birthday, Joshua... I know you're going to be as wonderful a big brother as you have been a first son.

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Paula said...

Happy Birthday Joshua
Love Aunt Paula