May 20, 2009

Quick update

Last time I posted an updated to the blog, I was a new father again and staring down the barrel of unemployment. "Mixed emotions" would be the running theme from Feb. 2006 to Feb. 2009.

These days, there's far more to celebrate. My "extended parental leave" wasn't as long as I had feared it would be. I landed a new, much better gig at the end of March for a company that competes directly with my former employer -- a fact that gives me no small amount of pleasure.

Folks often say that tough times come with a purpose. I have to believe that's true. My experience in the health care industry gained through my last job made me best qualified for this one. Moreover, now that I've landed, I can appreciate just how underemployed and un-challenged I was the past year or so.

In other news, family life is grand. Evan and Joshua are growing and healthy. Fatherhood, with all its challenges is sooooo rewarding -- even when Joshua is acting like the two-year-old that he is... Lisa's great too. She's getting ready to head back to work with her own set of mixed emotions, but we both know the boys will continue to do well at their day care -- which is awesome, by the way.

We celebrated our third anniversary in April with a little get away downtown Minneapolis. It was a great chance to reflect, celebrate all we've come through and to reconnect. We need to do that more often!

Can't believe Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. Stay tuned...

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Jinx McHue said...

Congrats on all the good news!